February 2014 Unreal Development Kit

Unreal Development Kit

Unreal Development Kit (UDK)

Epic Games Releases February 2014 Unreal Development Kit Beta

On this, the first day of March 2014, Epic has announced the February 2014 Unreal Development Kit (UDK)! Ironic, perhaps. But this release is also the first with new features in a year; the last released version was the July 2013 Beta, which itself was a minor bugfix from the February 2013 release.

The release was announced on Twitter, as well as in post on the forums:

Editor Improvements

  • Better array handling for structs
  • Enhanced usage and usability of Archetypes
  • Enhanced variable use in expressions


  • Added debug strings for UnSetup to detect operating system
  • Added Visual Studio 11 redistributable library to UE3Redist
  • Added DirectX compute shaders to UE3Redist
  • Removed app.config from project files
  • Added support for Failed CIS state checks
  • Removed Shipping config files for commandlets from UnrealFrontend


  • Enhanced and optimized post-processing effects
  • Added distortion support for mobile
  • Enhanced depth-of-field on mobile
  • Allow uncompressed textures (requires 4-6 times more memory)
  • Enhanced shader and lightmap on mobile
  • As expected, added iOS 7 support

Engine and Framework

  • Added Visual Studio 2012 support
  • Improvements to Flash output
  • Added Google NIB file
  • Added option to create array for to limit types of random seeds (see bRandomlySelectSeekArray and RandomSeeds in RandomSeedInfo)
  • Commandlets can now be called in build scripts and properly use the selected build configuration
  • Added a virtual function to UAudioDevice so that it can be used even when sound is disabled, allowing subtitles when sound is off
  • PhysX heightfield enhancements
  • Enhanced mobile emulator filters

Go get it!

The February 2014 beta for UDK is available at www.udk.com.

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